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"Watch out for The Illusionist!  Tom Coverly is so good he will make your pet rabbits disappear."


           - Jep & Jessica Robertson (A&E TV Show, Duck Dynasty)


Your college or university has the opportunity to host a world renown performer on your campus.  Tom Coverly is one of the most requested clean comedy magicians in America for college campuses. He has performed LIVE for nearly 3 million people around the world, has been seen on TV (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX), entertained several celebrities and the biggest musicians in the world.



Option 1  Comedy & Illusion Show  - This show can be adapted to fit your event ranging from 30 minutes to a 75 minute show.  The average show for most groups is 60 minutes.  The show is full of audience participation, a million laughs and mentalism/mind blowing illusions your audience will never forget.   This show is perfect colleges, universities, theaters & campus events.   


NORMAL RATE -  $4999 (includes all travel within the continental USA, airfare for two and/or rental car, fuel, hotel, baggage fees, tolls, etc).




              - This is a special discount for colleges and universities only!

              - Includes travel within the continental USA.  

              - Hotel + meal allowance are not included in this special offer.

              - Hurry, this offer ends soon!!!

Option 2  Motivational Speaker  - Entertainment with a purpose. Have Tom as a keynote speaker or session speaker for your campus event. Tom will begin his talks with a couple of hilarious mind blowing illusions involving tons of audience participation and then transition to a powerful talk that will motivate students to be better individuals and amazing people who care for those they rub shoulders with day to day.  See topic suggestions to the right.

Rate: $2,500-$5,000 (includes all travel anywhere in the continental USA).  Add a full comedy & illusion show for an evening of entertainment to your event for a discounted rate of 50% OFF the current rate if you are booking Tom to speak.

Option 3  Close-Up | Roam Around Magic


Close-up Magic is perfect for any event while students are arriving, pre-dinner table to table entertainment or roaming around your event while other activities are going on.  Tom uses everyday objects to blow the minds of your event guests for up to 90 minutes.

Rate: $2500-$5,000 (includes all travel anywhere in the continental USA).

Option 4  Emcee | Host  -  Need someone with energy to host your event night?  Tom Coverly can use clean humor, illusions and his quick ad lib ability to make your event a success.  Perfect for any type of campus event.

Rate: $2500-$5,000  (includes all travel anywhere in the continental USA).

Option 5  Comedy Hypnosis Show  -  This hilarious clean hypnosis show features Tom and Tiffany Coverly.  Together, they will create a 60 minute event that students will never forget.  Get ready to laugh and watch your peers do things you never thought they would do! More Info (click here)

Rate: $3,500-$5,000  (includes all travel anywhere in the continental USA).


                                                                                                              More Info (click here)


Corporate Entertainer | Motivational Entertainment



Imagine being entertained with a purpose.  Tom begins this talk with a couple of hilarious mind blowing illusions involving tons of audience participation and transitions to a powerful talk that will motivate your audience to be better individuals and become amazing people who care for those they rub shoulders with day to day. Tom will not only destroy the illusions and lies we typically believe about our lives, but he will remind them about truth and reality in a brand new fresh way. Tom would love to partner with your student leadership to discuss ahead of time; the key elements your organization would love to be discussed in order to make this one of the most impactful moments that the history of your campus has ever experienced. 

INSPIRING STORY  - Tom will share his inspiring story of being born in one of the roughest cities in America ... Camden, New Jersey. Tom's personal story includes his past choices to fight, steal, suicide attempts, destructive behavior, drinking and the consequences of each of his actions. Tom's life choices seemed to be heading down the wrong path until a caring person spoke truth into his life. ​Tom's life now has a purpose. His story relates to people in a way that breaks down the toughest of hearts.  Tom is known as one of the most raw, real & relevant speakers today!   His story will motivate your audience to use their past experiences and make something of themselves.  We are not defined by our past or mistakes.  We are defined by the legacy we leave. In a million years, Tom could not have imaged using his story to inspire millions around the world.  Get your audience ready to be inspired to be world changers.

WHAT'S IN YOUR HAND  - Tom talks about his story being an entrepreneur.  It was not until Tom realized what his gifts, talents and loves were that he began to do what he is currently doing.  Ten years ago, Tom held out his hands, realized what his gifts were and began to seek it.  Within his first year, he was booked in 38 states around America speaking and performing.  Tom will ask your audience to hold out their hands, realize their gifts and encourage them to dream the unrealistic!  Yes, to seek the things that seem impossible and watch what happens.  Tom will use comedy, illusions and personal stories to challenge students like never before to be anything they aspire to be. 


PERCEPTION - This powerful talk uses a lot of humor, illusions and personal stories to engage your audience to see anything is possible with the right perspective.  Tom will reveal a couple of illusions to the entire audience; giving them a perspective that only they can see, while the volunteer onstage experiences something different.  Knowledge and perspective can change everything.

DON'T BLINK - This is a powerful talk about the shortness of life.  When we blink we can miss something.  Tom utilizes comedy and illusions to help drive this point home, Tom will share some powerful stories  and how we can impact others lives around us.  This talk is a powerful way of building unity among those we work with and clients we serve.   Get ready to motivate your audience to be a greater version of themselves!

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