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© 2019 by Holy Wow Ministries 501 (C)3  |  |  (540) COV-TOUR | United States

This is a wonderful kit for young magicians 6 and up who want to learn real magic! You'll learn how to do over 50 Unbelievable magic tricks including tricks with the Cups & Balls, the oldest and most famous trick in magic, The Coin Paddle, show two sides of a small paddle and a coin appears on one side, then disappears, then appears on both sides mysteriously, a real Magic Wand, that actually does tricks, the Box of Mystery that makes objects appear and disappear, the Genie Vase, that has a rope coming out of it that only the magician can hold the vase up with, the Four Sided Card, an amazing playing card that appears to have four faces, the Penetrating Frame, that looks and feels solid, but you can put a pencil right through it, plus many other very cool magic props!

This kit comes with the endorsement of the International brotherhood of magicians, the world's largest magic organization!  



  • No returns, sorry.  When purchasing a magic trick, you are receiving a prop along with purchasing the secret to a magic trick.  Once the secret is "told" the trick is sold!  :)  


    Props are fragile.  Please read instructions carefully BEFORE trying out the trick to ensure the prop is handles properly and will not break.  Thank you.