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"Watch out for The Illusionist ... Tom Coverly will make your pet rabbits disappear."

- Jep & Jessica Robertson {A&E Hit TV show, Duck Dynasty}


"What?!?  That's not possible.  It's not possible.  That was awesome!"

- Jaime Grace {music artist}

"I love Tom's heart and passion for Jesus.  Any ministry he supports, I am behind 100%." 

- Nick Vujicic {speaker, author, founder of Life Without Limbs}

"Tom Coverly not only blew me away from his talents as an illusionist, but his ability to communicate The Word of God to this generation."

- Kevin {lead singer, Disciple}

"Freaked out.  What!!!  I don't even get it.  Wow!"

- 1 Girl Nation {music group}

"When we went looking for something "different" and "unique" for our festivals, God led us to Tom Coverly.....we were looking for a way to grab the attention of students and young adults who are so hard to connect with at times...and WOW did Tom fill that need!!  Tom's illusions are first rate and amazing, but his message is even better. As he spoke to our audiences about what is real in life (and what is just an illusion) we saw the connection take place...and lives touched for Christ. This is a powerful ministry and a hard working partner for any festival or event that wants to really connect with their audience!​"

- Kevin Newton {festival director, Rock the Coast & Unity Fest}

"Tom really connected with our festival audience. They were enthralled and entertained by his illusions, but then they were challenged and transformed by his very clear, Christ-centered testimony. We are looking forward to having Tom with us again next year!"
​- Bob and Nancy Thompson {former festival directors, Atlanta Fest}


"Tom literally had the crowds calling, 'HolyWow!' as he shared his heart and skills that God has gifted him with. He has a knack for sharing God's Word in a way that allows people to relate and take it home with them as they walk away. Exciting and pondering explains Tom's approach."
​- Glen A. Catt {Big Ticket Festival}


"Tom Coverly was part of the first FortyFest - Resonate! Rock Music Festival and we could not have made a better choice.  Tom brought a different aspect to our event lineup with his incredible illusions.  He wowed the crowd and had them from the instant he stepped on the stage.  Great speaker, great illusionist and great aspect to our event!"
​- Blaine Siske {FortyFest - Resonate}


"I met Tom while he was performing at some of the festivals this past summer. I've watched his shows and have been impressed with not just his technical skills, but his ability to connect with the audience. He can easily capture and entertain young kids with his illusions while at the same time have the adults in the crowd wondering "just how he did that". On top of all that he delivers a challenging message that leaves a fantastic impression on all those who attended. Whatever your event is, Tom will deliver a fantastic result for you if you let him on stage!"
​- Matt Huesmann {music producer}


"Tom Coverly is one of our favorite speakers . He is a very dynamic speaker who relates in a very positive way with our kids.  His message is always straight from God and his heart. Another bonus is his awesome magic!"

​- Charles Huizinga {Campus Life director}

"I have known Tom Coverly for 25 years and I can testify to his love for Jesus and his passion to share Christ's love with teens. One of the things that I appreciate about Tom is that he always striving to communicate in creative and relevant ways that engage today's teens with the powerful message of the Gospel. I am confident that church groups and Christian organizations will be benefit greatly from the entertaining, yet challenging, presentations that Tom can provide for their special event."
​- William Cuthbertson {outreach pastor}

"Thanks so much for coming out to Central and to Trinity.  I started hearing comments on our facebook wall from students about how impactful it was at about 10:30 a.m. and they continued all day. Thanks for being so honest and clear about your faith.  What God did in your life is no illusion man. Thanks again!!"
- Ben Crouse {youth pastor}


"For as long as I have known Tom Coverly, it has been quite obvious that people of all ages are drawn to him.  They are drawn to his personality, drawn to his social skills, drawn to his spirited communication. I am so thankful that the man to whom so many are drawn is himself drawn to the Lord Jesus Christ.  The man whom so many want to talk with and listen to is speaking the truth of the Word of God.  I highly recommend Tom Coverly as a youth speaker.  I have personally witnessed many lives changed through his God-given abilities and his commitment to serving Christ."
​- Mark Bringhurst {blog writer,}

"Tom Coverly offers and delivers "WOW" entertainment that can also be mixed with values, motivation or character development. He has a story to tell, as needed. He can be the "main event" or part of an event. Talk to him about your plans."

- Jim Keck {director First Priority of Muskegon, MI}

"Tom is an amazing communicator. Tom with his energetic style truly connects with his audience with his amazing talent as an illusionist. He is professional, relevant and very down to earth with everyone he meets. I recommend Tom Coverly without hesitation. You will not be disappointed!"

- JR Pittman {Ignite Radio host}


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