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Well, unless you have been living under a rock or wiser than most of us and staying far away from social media, you probably have heard about or seen headlines talking about Kanye West's conversion to Jesus Christ.

Now, let me explain to you why I think most christians would sometimes just be quiet. I posted this above picture with that headline because this was the first question many christians asked after they heard of his conversion to christianity. Seriously? Why, why, why? Why would anyones first thoughts be, "is he really a christian?", or "I hope his conversion is real" or "I hope he sticks with it and does not give christians a bad name."

Christians who immediately jump to judgement make me upset and are the ones that are giving christianity a bad rap. My good friend Joseph Rojas of the christian rock band, "Seventh Day Slumber" said it best, "This Kanye debate is a stain on Christianity. Period. If you question his salvation, I am questioning mine and yours." I could not agree with this statement more Joseph. Why do christians question a guy like Kanye, but not their own salvation. Why are some christians so concerned about how he will represent christianity. This seriously discusses me to the core of who I am. These same christians, are sinning in secret, judging in public and condemning just like the pharisees in the Bible did. Let me remind you, it ticked Jesus off. Thats the nicest way I could say it.

Kanye's song "Hands On" in the lyrics states, "What have you been hearin' from the Christians? They'll be the first one to judge me. Make it feel like nobody love me. They'll be the first one to judge me." The fact that Kanye fell in love with Jesus despite knowing that many of Jesus' followers would judge him, says a lot about GOD and not about US AS BELIEVERS.

When will this nonsense end? I personally could not be more thankful for God capturing his heart. I am grateful to those who were truly shining the light of Christ into his life prior to his conversion. I am grateful to God for the countless souls that will be reached through his love for Jesus and his new album "Jesus is King." Not sure about you, but I am in this journey called life and it is hard. It is full of ups and downs, mistakes and sinful poor choices. I will not quit, I will not give up, I will not judge others because I have been forgiven much. I will continue to strive to live a life that reflects the love of the Father has for me. May we all show a little more grace to others, a little more love and realize a world is watching our every move. I want to give others every reason to fall deeper in love with my God who provides healing for the sick, the hurting, the depressed. The church should be that spiritual hospital. The moment non believers feel the church is only for the perfect or the judgmental, we have sadly missed the heartbeat of God. Tom Coverly

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