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This past spring, Tom Coverly was nominated & reached the top 5 for a Cheer Choice Award in Las Vegas for being the most positive social media influencer in America (out of 1.5 million total nominations). The year prior, he made the top 10 and Paula Abdul was slated to perform at the award show in Las Vegas and was sitting in the front row. Tom Coverly was also a presenter of an award (in a different category) and asked to speak and share a positive message for a crowd full of the biggest social media influencers.

Tom stepped on stage and asked Paula to catch a giant beach ball and to throw it into the crowd when the music began playing. The crowd hit the ball around the room and when the music stopped, Tom asked the person to stand to their feet. Tom began to point at the crowd from right to left and asked this person to tell him to stop pointing whenever they wanted. "STOP", they yelled. Tom asked who in that area; in which he was pointing, would like to help. He asked the gentleman who volunteered to stand to his feet and name any playing card found in a deck of cards. He yelled out a random playing card.

Slight backstory. The Cheer Choice Awards were just months after the whole Chris Rock and Will Smith major award show incident. Tom decided to create a humorous moment from that serious situation by asking this gentleman standing up to imagine his random card he named in his hand, to play the roll of Will Smith and "slap" Tom in the face with it.

Before he did, Tom grabbed a photo of Chris Rock and held it with both hands far in front of his face. When the gentleman "slapped" Tom (AKA- Chris Rock) with it, Tom moved the photo of Chris Rock and without any hands, proceed to show that a playing card was folded in his mouth. When unfolded, the cameras zoomed in showing it was an exact match of the playing card the audience member named.

The crowd went wild with applause. Tom began to inspire the crowd with a message to encourage the influencers to continue to use their platform to make the world a kinder place.

Afterwards, backstage, Paula Abdul came up to Tom and Tiffany Coverly and had the kindest things to say about him. She said that she only witnessed one magic trick and heard a few minute speech and expressed how she wanted to see and hear more. They talked about his Destroy Illusions school assembly for middle and high schools and the impact it's making in the world.

This is the special moment Tom Coverly and Paula Abdul shared. A moment Tom will cherish for a lifetime.

"Tom Coverly is straight up a magical inspiration. His magic and heart make me smile. His kindness wins message is what this world needs. I'd fly anywhere to see his show again." - Paula Abdul (Music Superstar)

SPECIAL OFFER: Host a school assembly at your school (anywhere in America) during the day and for a limited time receive a free evening FAMILY comedy magic show.

Tom Coverly is a TV Show Host (NFLNCD), motivational speaker and comedy magician. Tom has performed LIVE on stage for over 5 million people. He has been seen on NBC, CBS, FOX & ABC sharing his story. Tom Coverly was recently featured in LA WEEKLY for being a TOP 10 influencer making impact. He is available to speak at schools, corporate events, police departments and for teachers on mental health.


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